Tierschutz und Landschaftsschutz auf der griechischen Insel Kos We help Animals on Cos Island Tierschutz und Landschaftsschutz auf der griechischen Insel Kos

Our society helps animals on Cos Island

Our objectives to help animals on Cos Island

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Sponsor Links

These companies / persons, which are in relation to cos island, gave a generous donation to the Animal Shelter of Cos.

Please recognise these companies if you visit Cos and if you are looking for service provider:


Pferd- und Ponyreiten auf Kos
Horse and Pony Riding
The German Quality Stables

Riding Centre in Amaniou (Paleo Pyli)


In deutscher und engllischer Sprache

The Information Portal for Cos Island

dog kennel service

We are co-operating with following animal welfare groups abroad:

GAR (http://www.greekanimalrescue.uk)

GAWF (http://www.gawf.org.uk)

GASAH (http://www.gasah.ch)

Tierhilfe Kos (http://www.tierhilfe-kos.at.tt)


How do I become a Sponsor?

Please write here a short mail message with your phone number.

We will contact you, soon.

Sponsor the animal shelter on Cos




Sherman Belgium


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